Learning Assistance

Students in our school have the opportunity to receive small group or individual assistance from both their classroom teacher and a specialized literacy teacher. We are pleased that a number of volunteers act as learning support coaches in almost every classroom, and our educational assistants work with many students as well. Students in division I (grade 1 - 3), have the opportunity to be involved in the Balanced Literacy Program. We also provide some small group instruction for our ESL students. Our speech language pathologist and her assistant work with individual students, as does our term II occupational therapist. Where appropriate, students will be placed on an Individual Program Plan (IPP), which will be shared with parents. As well, we employ a registered psychologist to assess students who are experiencing learning challenges. 

Parental involvement is critical in a student's academic achievement. For this reason, we use a daily agenda to inform parents of activities and student progress on a daily basis. The agenda is also a wonderful tool in which students can practice organizational skills and responsibility. Our school website provides teachers with an opportunity to communicate classroom information that is easily accessible at any tiime.