Rainbows - Coming Soon!

Fort Saskatchewan Elementary School introduced RAINBOWS, in January 2013, which is a peer support program for children who have suffered a significant loss in their family. This loss may be due to the separation or divorce of parents, the death of someone close or some other painful loss for the family.

The program will be facilitated by staff members who have taken training to be a RAINBOWS facilitator. The strength of the program is in the peer support which the children provide to one another. They recognize that they are not along in the issues and feelings which they are experiencing. They are able to share their feelings in a safe and confidential environment. Through fun activities, games and discussions, RAINBOWS helps children understand and accept the changes they are experiencing. The children will learn communication, problem-solving and positive coping strategies to make their lives better.

The children will be arranged into small, age appropriate groups and the groups will meet, during lunch time, weekly for about 12 weeks. The confidentiality contract which the children sign means that they cannot share what anyone else says in the group outside the group. They can share what they contributed, if they wish to, with a family member.

Please call Mrs. Sorochan if you have any questions or concerns.