Chess King, Spring Session Starts Soon!

Discover the fascinating and fun world of Chess! Chess has been proven to;

- increase critical and abstract thinking abilities

- increase your creative problem solving

- increase mental fluency in skills like math, reading and language

- increase your IQ

- increase your patience, and improve your sportsmanship

Classes start on Tuesday, April 17. Sign up for 10 more class for only $80.00. If you have any questions about the program, please email or call 780-912-1127.

Fort Saskatchewan Elementary School Song


I get a happy feeling, here in my school,
Here in my school, here in my school.
I get a happy feeling, here in my school,
Fort Saskatchewan Elementary!

We work together to help each other.
All the staff and the students are a team.
We do our best work.
In our classrooms we try to BE THE BEST that we can be!


Leo the Lion is our mascot
And our motto is "Showing our Pride".
We all are bobcats, jaguars and panthers, snow tigers.
We show integrity!


ORGANIZATION is important and SAFETY is our priority
We are united.  We're building leaders as our new school becomes reality!


Be safe and show respect!